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After eleven years of development by our staff, now delivers what every collector, dealer, and appraiser has always needed... Current Reference and Prices based on Condition! is the originator of the "on-line" Antiques and Collectibles Price guide. We ar growing as fast as we can to become the largest reference source available for descriptions, photographs, and prices, but we haven't listed everything so please don't expect to find it all.

In addition, we are doing our best to report on what is being reproduced and/or faked. We are making every effort to answer the "Why is this not original?" question. Our selection of photographs and markings will help you determine the originality of objects we have listed. is only a reference and price guide, selling nothing but knowledge and information. We are not in competition with sellers or auction houses but here to assist you in determining the authenticity and current condition-based price.

Our home office staff over 80 years of collecting experience. Key personnel have written books and magazine articles published in three countries. The work experience of our staff includes: time with national museums, appraisals and market research. This has enabled our staff to create a detailed reference tool for the collector instead of the usual generic descriptions.

This information has been assembled by collectors, for collectors. As you explore the site, you will be impressed with the hours of research effort that have been invested in this project.

Today our management team consists of the following:

June AdairBarry Parker
Kim LeJudy Parker
James HumbleMatthew McFarland
Alice RoachKevin Phillips
Robert SteelhammerAndrew Roach

The following are our experts and the categories to which they are assigned:

June L. Adair, Appraiser of Antiques & Residential Contents
International Society of Appraisers (I.S.A.), Designated Member, National, Local American Society of Appraisers (A.S.A.), Candidate Member

Ms. Adair has over 20 years experience as an appraiser. She has worked for individuals, the courts, banks, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C.), the Resolution Trust Corporation (R.T.C.), and estates. She has appeared as an expert witness in county, state and federal courts.

With earlier experience as an antiques dealer in Houston, Texas, she is active in the American Cut Glass Association, the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), and the Harris County Heritage Society (Texas). Ms. Adair continues her studies of antiques through courses offered by Indiana University and various seminars covering appraisals, antiques, and collectibles.

Dr. Barry E. Parker, Author & Researcher
Dr. Parker was the brain child of this project and has put countless hours into it to give you the presentation you see today. Having spent most of his life as a dealer, collector and lover of antiques and collectibles his knowledge is now presented to you in a logical format void of unnecessary words.

He is a writer for the "Collectors Corner" of the Texas Sporting Journal, which has a large subscription base in the Southwestern portion of the US. Portions of these articles are referred to throughout the web site.

The prices published herein are reflections of actual sale prices, asking prices, pre-sale estimates by auctioneers, auction reserve prices when published, and from the works of appraisers. Some values are estimates by owners of the objects. The price source, type, and date is noted with each "price" published.
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